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Canine Brain Atlases

Brain atlases provide a reference standard for research in canine neuroimaging. Our lab has created brain atlases for the cortical grey matter and for the subcortical white matter. 

Canine Cortical Atlas

This atlas intricately divided the canine cortex into 234 regions according to their distinct myeloarchitectonic boundaries. Each region corresponds to a distinct functional region of the cortex. This is the most comprehensive atlas available for the dog and provides a standardized method to sub-divide the cortical grey matter according to how it functions. This atlas can be applied to the processing of many advanced MRI techniques including functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, structural and functional connectome analysis, myelin mapping and voxel-based morphometry to name just a few.  The resulting manuscript was published in Nature Scientific Reports.

Canine White Matter Atlas

This atlas was generated from diffusion data and subdivided the white matter into both anatomic and functional regions. This atlas layers seamlessly with our cortical atlas and is an important tool for analysis of the white matter.

Canine atlas.jpg
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